Friday, January 6, 2012


The low-down on judgement.......
I am a professional at judgement. I think everyone would agree that we all are. The intense scrutiny we apply to our own lives, what we lack, what we fail at, what we didn't do, what we did. The frustration and anger that comes from reliving these things everyday, just can't help but make us lash out at others. What they lack, what they fail at, what they didn't do, what they did. We are so good at it because we practice on ourselves so much! The easy faults we pick out in others, should give us a sign on what we need to work on ourselves.

Christians are very good at this. We spend everyday meditating on someone who was perfect, wanting to be just like Him. We struggle and fail and then become frustrated with ourselves. We have missed the point entirely! He says over and over in His word, that what we are trying to attain is not possible. We should not expect it from ourselves or from others. What a relieving thought.

Here is an idea. The next time someone does something that you would like to judge. STOP. THINK about it. Think about when you made that same mistake and have compassion. Share your trial, struggle, victory or failure. You just might find a friend in the person you thought you didn't like.