Sunday, June 6, 2010

Addition to yesterday

I wanted to take a moment to describe a situation about change that happened to me yesterday. At work I have made a change from one position, that I held for over 7 years, to another. It was a move in the right direction, a postitive move for the company that I work for. However, after running into one of my old customers, I realized that not everyone would see it as positive. No matter how many times I gave an example of how this change was good for me, this customer, continued to tell how bad it was for him. I forced him into change that he didn't like. I am seeing that not only is it fear that causes others to dislike your change, and in turn theirs, but also selfishness. I can't imagine how many times I have disliked what someone was changing because it caused more work or stress for me. I guess it is human nature for us to think of ourselves first. On the other hand, it is God nature to think of others first. How is this change good for them? Are they going to be less stressed and feel better about themselves? Why don't I ask questions like these when I am mad at somoene because their changing something.

I remember when we were closing our coffee shop. One of our customers said they were really sad that we were closing because now they would have to find somewhere else to get their coffee. Not sorry that we had lost everything we had worked for or that our dream did not come true, just sorry because they would have to change. Enough about others, what about myself.

I remember being upset at my parents for divorcing because of how it effected me. I was upset with my mom because we moved from our old town. Don't mention the fact that both of my parents are now happily married and that my mom moved from a town where there was no possibilities for work to one that was a spring board for her to get where she is today.

I hope I can become more and more comfortable with not only my change but the change of others and learn to put others before myself.

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