Tuesday, May 17, 2011

#5 of 10

5. Get involved in local organizations fighting the sex trade. While money is a great help for non-profit organizations, hands and feet are better. Get together with your family and friends and work out a time budget. How much time are you willing and able to donate to your local organization. Unless you have worked with a non-profit before you might not understand how hard it is to fill a position with another volunteer if you were to cancel. Be realistic in the time frames you commit too and your local organization will be grateful. (see Mission 21's website for a comprehensive list of organizations)

The time thing is big! It can cause alot of stress for those who are putting together things to have someone commit and then back out. Really pray about how much time you can give and always be honest with those heading the project up, they will appreciate that much more then false promises.

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  1. Hi Bohemian Outcast. ;-)

    I'm really happy you are writing on the important topic of fighting child sex trafficking. I was wondering if you might also be able to write on other topics too... stuff from your heart and thoughts you are having about life and god and love. I know it's in you and I know at least two women in your life who would surely appreciate if you let your bright light shine even brighter.

    Thanks, Adam.