Saturday, June 25, 2011

Grace, Grace and more Grace

Lately I have been very exhausted from work. Parched really. Last night I had a little refreshment from the Lord. I had decided to give the guys I was closing with that night a break right after I closed the doors. I started to talk to one of them about God's grace. How I was thankful that I don't have to jump through hoops anymore to get acceptance from Him. I never did really. It was me who had put these unbearable burdens on my shoulders. He was like a friend constantly asking me if he could take them off. I for some reason thought that they were some kind of covering. I thought that if he was to take away my works that he wouldn't love me anymore. I was afraid that he would see my weaknesses. Why didn't I understand that He already did? I didn't understand what scripture meant when it says that in our weakness we are strong. Why are we so afraid of being weak? Our culture has made things that are the key to relationships, weak things. Sensitivity, emotions, caring, honesty and truth. No wonder so many marriages struggle. Men think that they have to be strong not weak. So they show no sensitivity or emotions. They decide not to have a conversation about things that they struggled with when they were young. Men don't cry. Men don't cry! On the contrary, what which our culture considers weak, is the very thing that makes a marriage or a person strong. My wife knows me! My God knows me! and they both Love me! It is the sharing of my weakness that makes me strong. I served on staff at churches for 12 years and didn't understand the most basic principle of Christianity. GRACE You and I don't need to do anything to get Jesus to love us. He already does and He sees our weakness as our strengths, not a burden. We are to rejoice in this Grace and in our weakness!


  1. I know that things are going to get better. I believe that we are coming into whatever the full plan is that God has for us. And I think your job has served its purpose so far and is coming to an end. You are doing a great job Adam. I am so thankful to have you as a partner. I love you

  2. I have never thought of God seeing our weaknesses as strengths, and to tell the truth, I think that I've always felt that God was the one who gave us our burdens to carry because He wants us to be stronger. This gives me a new perspective. Although I believe in God, and have faith in Him, I don't feel like I have a relationship with Him, if that makes sense. You and Eve have made me think about how I want that relationship to be, and how I can go about making it grow. I realize that I've always had a fear of God and religion. Anyway...Thank you for sharing your beliefs:)

  3. Amen!...cuz there ain't no party like a Holy Ghost Partay!!!