Saturday, June 4, 2011

You never out-trick a clown!

When I was a kid, my dad, took my brother and I to Wisconsin Dells. If you don't know what Wisconsin Dells is, let me explain. It is the Disney World of the Midwest. Driving through Wisconsin you will see billboards posted randomly with names like Noah's Ark, Mt. Olympus and Zues! No explanation, no directions, almost as if you should know what it is and how to get there! One of the attractions at Wisconsin Dells is the circus. We didn't go to the circus till the end of the week but when we first pulled into town we stopped at the gas station and I had one of the strangest encounters I had ever had. A random man came up to me and stuck his hand out to shake. I looked at him and didn't at first stick out my hand but my dad told me I should and that it was polite. After taking the stranger's hand he started to move it back and forth like a we were at each end of a saw. He proceeded to tell me it was a lumberman's handshake and showed me about 8 more. I showed my brother and we went wild with inventing our own. At the end of the week we were sitting at the circus and a clown came up to me. He stuck out his hand and when I took it, he started to do the Lumberman's handshake. I put two and two together. The man at the gas station and the clown in front of me were the same, except I had about 20 more then he did. He had forgotten all about me and soon realized that I had beat him at his own game. The sense of victory overwhelmed me and I held my head high, until.....................the clown had a pie to throw or.....................water to shoot out of a gun or.....................whip cream to spray. Thus the title of my blog.....................You never out-trick a clown!

I hope this made you laugh. Some people have told me I laugh to much but I don't think you could ever have enough of the feeling. It seems to me that God has designed the laugh with such power that we, for a moment of time, forget all thats bad.

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  1. Or at least are able to appreciate the fact that not all is bad.
    love you!